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Personalized consultation to address your individual tail coverage situation and provide tail insurance quotes.

With years of experience helping the Healthcare community deal with Malpractice Tail Coverage issues we've seen just about everything. The most important thing we know is that each situation (like each patient) is unique.

Yes options are available and yes our typical client saves about 22% compared to the cost of tail coverage from their current company.

We would be happy to discuss your individual situation, address any questions you have, and provide you with tail coverage quotes. Call us today at 630-460-1057 or, simply email or fax the following documentation to get the process started:

  • Declarations page of your current policy
  • The tail offer you've received from your current insurance company
  • Your CV or most recent application for medical malpractice insurance

Before you contact your broker or another insurance generalist promising you HUGE savings, contact the tail insuranbce specialists at The Stand Alone Tail Program for honesty, advice, consultation and realistic options to deal with your tail coverage situation.

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