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The Stand Alone Tail Program is administered by PLI Risk Solutions in partnership with StratumMed. Each policy is customized to the individual or group and multiple coverage options are available.

Stand Alone Tail policies are underwritten and issued by an A.M. Best "A" (excellent) rated insurance carrier.

With years of experience serving physicians, hospitals, physician groups and others dealing with Malpractice Tail Coverage issues we've learned a few things here at The Stand Alone Tail Program. The most important thing we've learned is each situation (like each patient) is unique. Yes options are available, and yes our typical client has saved about 22% compared to the cost of tail coverage from their current carrier. Take the first step by contacting us for a free consultation.

If you are a physician, it's personal. If you are a hopsital executive, physician recruiter, or CFO at a group practice it's business. Before you contact your broker or another insurance generalist promising you BIG savings, contact the specialists for some advice, consultation and a realistic opinion on what we can do for you.

We are proud to have shaped this new segment of the malpractice insurance industry, consistently providing comprehensive malpractice tail coverage solutions at premiums averaging 22% less than the tail premium your current insurance company is trying to charge, and yes, from an A.M. Best "A" rated carrier.
Scott Dutton
Scott Dutton
PLI Risk Solutions